Total quantity
Utilization rate
Lost alarm
CoRTP is the first intelligent logistics packaging digital platform to manage RTP. It is based on the new generation of Internet of Things (IoT) using mobile internet, big data and cloud computing. The services it provides include asset management, tracking, real time location, asset status, and lost/off route alarm to improve the efficiency of RTP.
Value for Customers
Asset Management
Advanced customized BI
Abnormal Risk Warning
It will provide real-time visibility of your assets collecting valuable supply chain data to driving the performance, such as assets distribution, location, and more Real-time obtain the entire supply chain data, visual tracking and tracking and traceability of RTPs, making management more efficient, smarter and worry-free!
・ RTP distribution
・ Inventory Visible
・ In/outbound Records
・ Visible RTP Transfer
・ Inventory Shortage
・ Overdue Detention
・ Loss of RTP
・ lllegal Fleeing RTP
Value for Customers
Asset Management
Advanced customized BI
Abnormal Risk Warning
Value for Customers
Asset Management
Advanced customized BI
Abnormal Risk Warning
Perceiving the entire abnormal by AI, always pay attention to the abnormal issues in the RTP management process.
・ RTP loss Warning
・ Route Deviation Warning
・ Empty Units Detention Warning
・ Inventory shortage Warning
・ Transportation overdue Warning
・ lllegal Movement Warning
・ Delay Warning
・ Inventory Backlog Warning
・ Abnormal Stay Warning
・ Validity period Warning
The reason why one-time used packaging widely used is because RTP (returnable transit packaging) is still not smart enough and low efficiency in return. HOREN wants to use data technology to Address the pain points of RTP. That's why CoRTP comes.
How it Works?
Most of HOREN RTP products are OK to be installed with IoT Module and sensors including time, location, full/empty and battery to work with CoRTP.
The data collected will be sent, stored and analized in CoRTP cloud.
According to clients' requirements, CoRTP platform can show related data on dashboard to let the manager control RTP in real time.
Mostly no need to equip or install many other devices.
24 hours real time tracking and no area limitation.
Automatically Identify empty full status in real time.
CoRTP Hardware work with first class suppliers to provide many advantages over traditional packaging tracking solutions.
Case Study
This FLC containers combined with CoRTP, making it the smart RTP, is specially designed and produced for DPD, who is the European leader in Postal&Parcel industry. Its features of lightweight and flexibility application, also foldable and stackable to facilitate transport, storage and distribute cargo. CoRTP can help the DPD to do the assets management, including to get the real-time inventory and assets distribution in all depots on Google map, allowing them to make the quick-decision of returning and dispatch the FLC, to improve the turnover and utilization rate of FLC.