Horen was established already 1998 in Shanghai China and has developed from that time and towards now into a modern enterprise which employs over 200 people and is fully committed to the design, development and production of innovative and smart RTP (Returnable Transport Packaging) solutions for various industries.
Since the start Horen is active in the field of RTP solutions because we have seen that the modern world has become more global and without barriers. Raw materials, pre-finished and finished goods are transferred increasingly within countries and over continents by truck, ship and plane no matter the distance. Production and assembling has become a global process and has and will increase transports between supplier, producer and consumers which are involved into global supply chain process.
Unfortunately the transport packaging which are used today, day by day and over long distances are not always efficient in terms of materials and construction. But as transport is a repeating process it is and will be even more important as it has a direct impact on costs, time and the environment. Here is exactly the point where Horen’s mission started and where we want to further use our full working force.
We are developing smart solutions for transport processes which help our customers towards “Zero Waste, Zero Loss”. With our R&D department we are steadily looking for new materials and new production methods which help us to achieve maximum stability whilst having lowest weight. It is our target to eliminate ineffective transport and logistics processes.
We follow and support here the global trend to reduce CO2 emissions and we are using recyclable material. Regarding to cost, time and waste saving we want to help our customer to work with sustainable and smart solutions.
Our main products are, at current stage, AVCs (added value containers like IBCs and FLCs) and accessories which are used for transporting liquid and solid goods in various industries. Our target is to increase constantly our range of smart solutions and improve the key performance of the products and give our customers leverage in using transport packaging from Horen.
Based on the requirements and optimization potentials of our customers we analyze the current supply chain and together with our customers we are able to develop very fast new and customized solutions. We are able to do that because we only focus on added value and we use our engineering power to achieve here the most effective solution.
To ensure that, we run an R&D department of more than 35 skilled engineers focusing only on AVCs. With this brain power we create constantly new innovations which we protect by IPs. We respect during our developments existing IPs and we rather focusing on inventing new solutions than copying existing. As a result Horen has over 100 IPs pending and we work hard to bring steadily more on the market.
Our focus is on development of products but we also know that the quality of these products have to fulfill quality requests. To ensure this we only work with reliable and tested partners, we have put in place quality systems and we steadily test the performance of our products. We do that based on and by European standards and companies.
we only work with reliable and tested partners
But we do not want to stop here and we are prepared to leverage the know-how in the world of RTP design to a next level by building up the HOREN RTP PLATTFORM and the HOREN FULL SERVICE MODELL (FSM).
We believe that sharing problems and know-how on one platform can increase the speed and the possibility to solve daily problems and we want to work as a global team towards our vision: Zero Waste, Zero Loss.