Residue Reduction System (RRS)
Horen introduces the ultimate solution to the effective discharge of viscose liquid products. Minimizing waste and reducing cost.
No matter how viscous your liquid product may be the Horen RRS system is the most effective solution in the market today.
Residues Are Pain Points In The Liquid Packaging Industry All The Time
As the Bag in Box IBC concept is increasingly being adopted around the world, the residual product left in the liners can result in a high cost for end users.
The higher the viscosity of the product the higher the residue and the higher the cost of waste and disposal.
Viscosity Table
--The Best Total Liquid Discharge System In The Market.
Discharge Pump
Residual Reduction Liner (RRL)
Residual Reduction Roller (RRR)
Compressed Air supply
Camlock Connector
Horen Full Flow Valve
RRS Details
Rubber Rollers
Air Outlet(Black)
Air Inlet(Red)
Air Switch
Air Switch
Many Application
RS can be used for many product applications and in conjunction with most Bag in Box packaging designs.
Operation Video
The Process To Automatically Extract All The Liquid
Case Study
Saving Comparison Between Air-Assisted &RRS Discharging Systems
For a 1000L or 1200L liner, Residual 10kg~40kg, Based on product value $10 per kg Lost $100~$400
For a 1000L or 1200L liner, Residual less than 1kg, Based on product value $10 per kg Lost less than $10
Saving most
$390 per liner