IBC Accessories
HOREN has developed a full series of innovative IBC accessories for your business needs.
Full Flow Integral Valves Series
Roplug DN50 PC
Latchplug DN50 PC
Roplug DN50 PP
Pullplug DN50 PP
Roplug DN50 PP
Pullplug DN50 PP
All HOREN Valves Utilize Full Flow Valve Technology To
Achieve Maximum Flow Rates
The flow rate of a conventional valve depends upon the degree of opening, the pressure, and the shape. Horen’s unique full flow valve achieves much higher flow rates than traditional butterfly valves.
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Discharge time per 1000 Litres
The test proves that the flow rate of the Horen Pullplug DN50 is 33% higher than the traditional butterfly valve which leads to increased production efficiencies.
Operation Instruction
Filling & Discharging Accessories
Filling Bridge
Floating Filling Arm
Filling Camlock Set
Discharging Camlock Set
Tube Clamp
Valve Support