Returnable Plastic Crates (RPC)
Farm to Retail
Farm to Table
Fresh logistics packaging solution
Retail Sector Is Changing Rapidly
The fresh food category is becoming highly competitive as retailers seek to offer their customers an enhanced fresh experience to increase sales and maximize profits. Consumers are demanding very fresh produce which in turn leads to increased velocity of product moving through supply chains. This increased velocity demands the best returnable packaging to optimize product integrity and ensure freshness as products move through the supply chain.
Lower Damage Rates& Improved Sustainability with Returnable Packaging
Disposal fresh produce packaging has many limits ie poor load stability and poor load protection leading to product damage. In some cases traditional produce packaging can lead to damage rates as high as 4% whereas reusable packaging decreases this rate to around 0.1%. A significant improvement to product quality and retailer profitability.
Returnable Plastic Crates (RPC’s)
Folding crates are used to safely and efficiently move produce and protein products through fast moving supply chains. Given the perishable nature of these products RPC’s were developed to ensure grower and retailer margins are protected and the consumer can enjoy the freshest produce possible.
Modular RPC’s Series
The Horen RPC’s is a modular foldable plastic crate system designed to integrate with euro and ECR pallet supply chains as well as Horen’s retail display unit for bulky items.
RPC 6411
RPC 6419
RPC 6422
RPC 4317
RPC 6430
RPC 6437
RPC’s Features and Strength
The arrangement of ventilation holes on the sides and base has been specially designed and tested to optimize air circulation, efficiently helping to quickly remove field heat from produce and maximize the effectiveness of chiller trucks and cold stores.
Horen’s unique air-assisted thin-walled injection molding process, enables Horen to produce its double smooth walled RPC. The smooth walls reduces the ability of pollution and residue to attach to the cratesand also makes them faster and easier to clean. The Horen RPC’s are proven to retain up to 40% less water than other crates after washing making the drying process much cheaper and faster. Their increased cleanliness also gives users peace of mind and makes them ideal for protein products as well.
Optimum Transportation
Horen crates are designed to interlock to enable rows of crates to be cross stacked helping stability of pallets in transit and also reducing the need for expensive and environmentally unfriendly plastic stretch wrap.
Ideal Display
Displaying fresh fruits and vegetables in Horen’s smooth walled RPC enhances the fresh shopping environment.
Water Resistant
Suitable for chilled and humidified display counters.
Using returnable crates is much better for the environment;
- 49% lower greenhouse emissions potential
- 33% lower ozone depletion potential
- 46% lower summer smog potential
- 69% lower Acidification potential (contribution to acid rain)
- 78% lower Eutrophication (contribution to over-fertilization)
(Ref: The sustainability of packaging systemsfor fruit and vegetable transport in Europe based onlife-cycle-analysis (Update 2009)”, StiftungInitiative Mehrweg.
Optimized Reverse Logistics – More Crates Per Pallet
The Horen RPC is the lowest profile crate on the market due to our air assisted injection molding system. This enables almost 25% more empty crates per pallet than traditional crates on the market.
Whole Of Life Cost Reduced By Horen Technology
Horen’s unique design & production methods deliver a stronger, lighter, lower profile and cleaner crate.Third party testing proved that the unique smooth walls of the Horen crate means lower water retention and therefore lower washing & energy costs. The smooth walls also enables optimised cleaning resulting in a much more hygienic crate – a must for retailers and food producers today.Horen’s ventilation design achieves faster chill down rates meaning better quality produce and lower energy costs in truck and warehouse.
Designed With Users In Mind
A user centered design that maximizes ergonomics with hand holdles on all four sides, lower crate weight without impacting strength and an enclosed handle design that avoids accidental collapsing
Designed For Heavy Use
Horen RPC’s are proven to be much stronger under CAE testing in comparison to current crates on the market. This leading performance is due to Horen’s unique “King Kong” base, designed for heavy usetypical of retail and other fast moving supply chains.Our RPC’s are subjected to extreme test conditions such as vibration/drop/impact tests, low/high temperature evaluation and life cycle replication to ensure their performance.
RPC Life Cycle Tester
Atmospheric Conditioning Equipment-Cold Storages
CAE testing analysis
Incline Impact Test System
Compression test system
Vibration test
The Scope Of Application Is Very Wide
Chinese cabbage, pea, broad bean, soybean, lentil, sword bean, mushroom, mushroom, eggplant, tomato, peppers, celery, chrysanthemum, lettuce, etc.
Models RPC4317 RPC6411 RPC6419 RPC6422 RPC6430 RPC6437
External Dimensions
400x300x172 600x400x115 600x400x195 600x400x225 600x400x300 600x400x370
Internal Dimensions
376x276x162 576x376x105 576x376x180 576x376x212 576x376x291 576x376x360
Tare Weight
1.0 1.5 1.8 2.0 2.8 3.6
Volume Capacity
17 23 39 47 61 75
Unit Load
10 15 20 22 30 35
Models RPC4317 RPC6411 RPC6419 RPC6422 RPC6430 RPC6437
External Dimensions
15.75”x11.81”x6.77” 23.62”x15.75”x4.53” 23.62”x15.75”x7.68” 23.62”x15.75”x8.86” 23.62”x15.75”x11.81” 23.62”x15.75”x14.57”
Internal Dimensions
14.8”x10.87”x6.38” 22.68”x14.8”x4.13” 22.68”x14.8”x7.08” 22.68”x14.8”x8.35” 22.68”x14.8”x11.46” 226.8”x14.8”x14.17”
Tare Weight 2.2lbs 3.33lbs 4lbs 4.4lbs 6.2lbs 8lbs
Volume Capacity 4.49Gallon 6.08Gallon 10.3Gallon 12.42Gallon 16.12Gallon 19.81Gallon
Unit Load 22.2lbs 33.3lbs 44.4lbs 48.9lbs 66.7lbs 77.8lbs