Double Smooth Retail Display Unit (RDU)
Farm to Retail
Fresh logistics packaging solution
Retail Sector Is Changing Rapidly
The fresh food category is becoming highly competitive as retailers seek to offer their customers an enhanced fresh experience to increase sales and maximize profits. Consumers are demanding very fresh produce which in turn leads to increased velocity of product moving through supply chains. This increased velocity demands the best returnable packaging to optimize product integrity and ensure freshness as products move through the supply chain.
Lower Damage Rates& Improved Sustainability With Returnable Packaging
Disposal fresh produce packaging has many limits ie poor load stability andpoor load protection leading to product damage. In some cases traditional produce packaging can lead to damage rates as high as 4% where as reusable packaging decreases this rate to around 0.1%. A significant improvement to product quality and retailer profitability.
RDU Benefits
The Horen Retail Display Unit (RDU) allows bulky fresh produce to travel directly from supplier to the retail sales floor. This greatly reduces replenishment cost and maximizes replenishment efficiency. The easier and faster produce can be made available for sale, the greater the sales opportunity. The Horen double smooth RDU can hold up to 250 kg of product, ideally suitable for seasonal, high-volume fresh produce. The double smooth walls give the RDU a fresh, clean looking unit for in-store display that can either be wheeled or moved by pallet jack into location. Based on the 800*600 mm international standard, the RDU loads efficiently to all truck sizes ,can be merchandised from either side using the convenient drop doors and has display card slots on all four sides ,after use the RDU can be folded to reduce storage space and has the lowest fold ration on the market reducing reverse logistics costs, its non-sequential folding allows for fast and convenient erecting and collapsing whilst maximizing safety of the handlers.
Your Choice Of Pallet Or Wheel Base
According to current supply chain handling methods customers can choose either the pallet base or wheeled base RDU, optimizing convenience through pack houses, distribution centres and retail stores.
Pallet Base
Wheeled Base
Promotional Card Holders
A4 promotional card holders on all four sides. Drop doors can be opened on any side to increase flexibility of merchandising and optimize shopability.
Double Smooth Walls
Horen uses a unique welding technology to achieve the double smooth wall construction. This ensures the hygienicproperties of the RDU on both outside and interior as the RDU is very easy to clean, retains less water. The smooth interior walls also help to protect the products in the container.
The RDU is fully compatible with Horen and a select range of other RPC’s. This enables cubic space to be optimized on delivery vehicles and also increases volume of product that can be moved from store room to retail floor.
New Handle Lock Design
The locking handles are ergonomically designed and easy to operate, even when handlers are wearing gloves.
Wheeled Base Operation
Press the red foot pedal to stop all four wheels; press the green foot pedal to move. Conveniently the brake can be operated from both sides. Unlike other similar units the Horen brake system will hold the unit steady on slopes, ramps etc. Horen’s unique wheel system also enables the wheels to be locked out of harms way when a forklift is being used to pick up the RDU
Transit Process
1. At the farm, the fresh product is loaded directly into the RDU and the operator can load the full RDU into the truck;
2. In the retail DC the RPC’s can be stacked on top of the RDU to maximize cubic of the truck;
3. Arrived at the supermarket, the units can be pushed into the supermarket by hand or by forklift. In store the drop doors can be opened and sales labels inserted;
4. After use, you can clean and maintain, waiting for the next use;
Wide Range Of Applications
Melon, pumpkin, potato, taro, yam, radish, carrot, onion, garlic, ginger, etc.
Base Type Pallet Base Wheeled Base
External Dimensions
800x600x984 800x600x1009
Internal Dimensions
760x560x852 760x560x852
Folding Height 334mm 359mm
Tare Weight 25Kg 28Kg
Volume Capacity 368L 368L
Unit Load 250Kg 250Kg
Base Type Pallet Base Wheeled Base
External Dimensions
31.50”x23.62”x38.74” 31.50”x23.62”x39.72”
Internal Dimensions
29.92”x22.05”x33.54” 29.92”x22.05”x33.54”
Folding Height 13.15” 14.13”
Tare Weight 55.6lbs 62.2lbs
Volume Capacity 97.2Gallon 97.2Gallon
Unit Load 556lbs 556lbs