Pallet Collars
Easily Convert Pallets to Bulk Containers
HOREN’s pallet collars can be used in conjunction with wooden or plastic pallets in 1200x1000mm to create a temporary yet robust bulk container, protecting uneven or irregularly shaped loads and simplifying handling in time-critical operations.
Innovative Lock Design
Innovative and ergonomic handle design to unlock the collar, automatically locks when unfolded. The lock design ensures fast and smooth operation of the collar extending life of the unit and ensuring ease of operation by the handler.
Non Sequential Stacking
Handlers do not need to worry whether the unit is upside down or not as they fit together either way. They only need to focus on the length and direction of the pallet.
Ultra-High Folding Ratio
Highly efficient for lower reverse logistics costs and minimizing storage space. For each pallet collar attached to a pallet, 8 units can be folded and nested inside, equivalent to a 9:1 folding rate.
Solidly Combines with Pallet
Horen’s unique design ensures the collar sits firmly on the pallet. For additional peace of mind the option to use tie-in locators to connect the collar to the pallet is available.